Courses & Fees

The Speech Foundation offers speech therapy for various speech problems including:

Fluency problems :

Stammering / Stuttering

Clarity Problems :

Unclear pronunciations of certain sounds    like /r/,/l/,k/,/g/,/s/etc.

Voice Problems : Hoarseness, Voice-loss, males using female voices (Puberphonia).

Speech problems caused by brain-stroke (Aphasia).

Initial Consultation Fee : Rs. 500/-

Number and Duration of Speech Therapy Sessions will vary with each case depending on type and severity of the problem. Fee will vary accordingly.

It is Important to Understand that:

A speech therapist is really a specialized teacher who is working towards assisting his clients develop new, improved speaking habits while at the same time helping him to try to ‘unlearn’ old physical and psychological obstructive practices which have become a habit (especially in older children and young adults).

All therapy is essentially self-therapy to be practiced by the case with a certain degree of regularity.

As such, please note that while all efforts are made to achieve the speech goals, this site makes no claims and offers no guarantees for the same. Such guarantees are not only unethical, but actually put the person (who stammers) under even greater pressure of performance and interfere with a more realistic and successful therapy plan.

Speech-Fluency Development Courses for Stammering:

For Age Group : 18+: Every Saturday and Sunday at 11 am.

Focuses on altering speaking habits through a daily practice of exercises.

Charts out realistic and practical solutions through analysis and counseling.

Individual and Group Sessions.

Follow-up support.

Total 10 sessions ( 6 months).

Fee: Rs. 12,000/-

Fees do not include lodging or boarding facilities.

Prior Appointment necessary.

Call 9422554127 for appointment. (9-12 am / 6-9 pm)

Initial Consultation by Appointment Only. Please Call 9422554127.

Individual Therapy Sessions by Appointment Only by calling 9422554127.