Overcoming Speech Problems

Good Communication skills are an important asset in the increasingly verbal world we live in.

The manner in which we talk forms an integral part of the image we convey of ourselves in professional, academic or social interactions.

It is only natural that any difficulty with being able to communicate effectively can cause the person a certain measure of distress.

Speech problems can be classified as those of:

Unclear Speech: Where intelligibility of speech suffers due to incorrect production of certain speech sounds.

Fluency Problems: Where person gets stuck on certain sounds in stressful situations. Stammering.

Voice Quality Problems: Where voice is of higher or lower pitch than desired.

Speech is one of our body’s strongest habits. Speech problems also become habits and as such can be corrected with the guidance of a speech therapist. Any therapy can only succeed if a regular, concerted effort is made by the person who wants to improve his or her speech.

The Speech Therapist is a specialist who analyses the speech problem and decides how best it can be overcome.  Some time, in cases of unclear speech, it might involve a minor surgery for release of a tongue-tie. But generally therapy is a long-term affair requiring perseverance and patience.

The Speech Therapist helps set realistic, practical and easy to achieve speech goals. As they are achieved, the therapist instructs on how such changes can be maintained through changed attitudes which empower the personality and an improved self-image.