Frequently Asked Questions


What are the types of speech problems treated at The Speech Foundation Clinic?
Young adults who suffer from Stammering or Stuttering. Children who are not fluent or whose speech is not clear and easy to understand  Adults who mispronounce certain speech sounds like R or L or S. Males who speak with a female voice (Puberphonia). or anyone whose voice quality is weak, hoarse or unsteady (Dysphonia). Speech Therapy is also provided for those recovering from cerebral stroke.

The Speech Foundation also provides individual and group counseling for Speech Enhancement and Conversational Voice Improvement and Effective Communication.

All our programmes are focused on improving Speech Clarity, Voice Quality, Fluency and overall attractiveness of speech.

How Long Does it Take?

Except in cases of Puberphonia or Hysterical Aphonia where instant improvement in possible, any other speech problem like stammering or unclear speech can be altered gradually, with patience and regular practice.

Each case will take as long as necessary to achieve a change of speaking habits.

Will it be 100% successful?

Again that depends on the nature and severity of the problem. Some problems like unclear speech and voice disorders can often be completely overcome. Other issues like stammering require achieving subtle changes in breathing and speech-timing patterns. Therapy for stammering also aims to change the mind’s psychological reactions which can increase stress levels while speaking in important situations.

The Speech Foundation makes no claims of assuring any rates of success. Such claims are not only unethical but also become obstacles to any real progress in speech.