Home Therapy Plan

Consultation on Phone:

No correspondence course can replace personal sessions of professional speech therapy. However, many cases do not have speech therapy services in their locality or do not have the extra time for personal sessions.

For those who cannot visit Pune for the Personal Treatment Program, The Speech Foundation offers initial consultation on telephone. Each consultation is of 15 minutes duration and this service is available only between 6  – 8 pm (after my clinic hours).

Fee for consultation is Rs.500/- to be remitted by bank transfer to my ICICI Account No. 007301009381 Aundh, Pune Branch.


HOME-THERAPY PLAN is individually structured to help specific personal speech issues and varies with each case. It is scientific, convenient and confidential. Follow-up support is vital you will be in regular contact with speech therapist  Ajit Harisinghani through the therapy period.

Parents of young children who have begun to stammer (or have other speech problems) can also be guided to best handle the problem and help their child towards greater speech fluency.

You will devote 20 minutes each day  to begin to change the physical style of your speaking and also your mental attitudes towards this problem of stammering.

Some sessions can be conducted on Skype or any similar network.

The Tele-Therapy Package consists of 8 sessions – once a week – (or as suggested by therapist). 

Fees: Rs. 12,000/- to be remitted by bank transfer to my ICICI Account No. 007301009381 Aundh, Pune Branch.

Please note that The Speech Foundation makes no claims of 100% success and offers no money-back guarantees. The speech therapist makes all possible efforts to help the child/adult improve his speech but success finally depends upon the nature and severity of the problem.

We believe that offering such guarantees is Quackery and only serves to exploit vulnerable parents of/and youngsters who suffer from a speech problem.

Please beware of anyone who claims to offer magical, 100% ‘cures’ for stammering.

Please be aware that the problem of stammering is very intricate and involves both neurological and psychological processes. It is connected to the individual’s emotions and past experiences of embarrassment. It is an extremely ‘personal’ problem and needs delicate handling.