Speech Therapy Services


The therapy programmes offered by The Speech Foundation are designed with the individuality of every student as its focus. 

Each case is analyzed separately, and the therapy-techniques suggested vary with the nature and degree of every individual’s speech problem. 

The therapist sees himself as a catalyst and facilitator to guide the person towards developing more fluent, more clear and more attractive speech skills. 

Desired fluency is looked upon as a skill to be developed and towards that end, any therapy module involves a 20-minute a day practice schedule which focuses on stabilizing the newly learnt speaking manner. 

This change in speaking manner is also supported by continued counseling which keeps the person on track. Old habits die hard and speech is one of the body’s strongest habits. Modifying speech habits is not difficult but takes some regular practice and involves at least a few weeks if not longer. Students are encouraged to keep their desired goal of good fluent speech in mind; but to drop the desperation with which they seek it. A slow, more-permanent change is desirable to a quick but temporary one.