Ajit Harisinghani, MS(USA), CCC (USA) Speech Therapist. Telephonic Consultation is available for those who cannot visit Pune. Phone +91-9422554127 (between 10-11.30 am or 6 to 8:30 pm only)

Approach to Therapy for Stammering

Load-less travel on the road to fluency Having worked with young adults who stammer for over 25 years, chaperoning many up the slippery road to speech fluency, I, like many of my colleagues, have taken my cases through a gamut of therapies – many standard ones and some not so. I would like to share my current beliefs on how the condition may best be handled by the person who stammers.

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Overcoming Speech Problems

Overcoming Speech Problems Good Communication skills are an important asset in the increasingly verbal world we live in. The manner in which we talk forms an integral part of the image we convey of ourselves in professional, academic or social interactions. It is only natural that any difficulty with being able to communicate effectively can cause the person a certain measure of distress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of speech problems treated at The Speech Foundation Clinic? Young adults who suffer from Stammering or Stuttering. Children who are not fluent or whose speech is not clear and easy to understand  Adults who mispronounce certain speech sounds like R or L or S. Males who speak with a female voice (Puberphonia). or anyone whose voice quality is weak, hoarse or unsteady (Dysphonia).

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