Effective Communication Programmes



A man is known by what he speaks and how he speaks it.

* Underline your personality by communicating with clarity, fluency and confidence.
* Add strength to your image by improving your voice quality and body language.
* Gain personal power by using the right word in the right manner.
* Earn career and social benefits by developing a positive attitude.
* Reap rich rewards by learning the key to inter-personal relationships.

Effective Communication is the key!

If you are in a profession where you have to interact with people, you might agree that many individuals, although technically qualified, sincere and hard-working, are at a career disadvantage because of an inadequately developed ability to communicate fluently and confidently. This is often the result of formation of faulty or unimpressive speaking habits during early life.

Fortunately, good speaking-skills are not genetic or inborn traits which only a few lucky individuals possess. They are skills which anyone can develop with only a little bit of guidance and a few weeks of practice. There is no longer any need to go through life with mediocre communication skills.

This workshop aims to help participants enhance the quality of life by improving their interpersonal relationships through effective communication.

About this Workshop on Speech Enhancement:

Vitalizing the Act of Speech :

This part of the workshop will center around the physical manner of speech. After an initial introduction and demonstrations, participants will be helped to analyze their own speech patterns on video in group and personal counseling sessions. Techniques demonstrated will focus on improving the following areas of communication :

* Clarity of speech in Conversation and Group Discussions.
* Fluency and Ease in difficult situations.
* Pleasing Voice Quality
* Control on Speed of Speaking and Loudness.
* The Art of Listening
* Using Pauses, Fillers, etc.
* Body-Language. (Eye-Contact, Posture/Stance, Facial- Expression.)

Attitude – The Pathway to Success :

Words have power and effective communicators recognize that the kind of words we choose to use consistently, reflect our attitude and rule our destiny. Attitude is everything!

Developing winning attitudes might mean changing a few of our old ‘convictions’. This part of the workshop will focus on helping develop a positive attitude towards those with whom we communicate.

* Speaking to Win.
* Accepting Responsibility for Self-Growth.
* Controlling Ego.
* Handling Stress.
* Overcoming Fear.
* Empowering Self-Image.
* Enhancing Relationships

Who will benefit?

Corporate Managers, Government Officers, Bankers, Businessmen, Doctors, Lawyers and other Professionals as well as Management Students stand to gain the most from skills acquired through this workshop.

The duration and design of this program is kept flexible to suit specific needs of individual participants and corporate-groups. Details worked out after initial personal consultation.